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Georgetown Pharmacy is a group of pharmacies located mainly in Penang, Kedah and Perlis.


Our Philosophy is to provide our customers with the highest standards of healthcare, which includes excellent pharmacist counselling / advice, and new, unique quality products.


ALL our pharmacists are Young, Energetic, Friendly and will not hesitate to provide additional tips and tricks to improve your health. Most of our branches have more than 1 pharmacist employed, so you can be sure to have sound advice when you drop by. Oh, and we're mostly open on Sundays  (except for selected public holidays).



To be a Trusted Pharmacy Brand by nurturing healthier communities with Excellent Pharmaceutical Services.


  1. To enhance the health of the community by providing evidence-based information, quality products and services.

  2. To deliver value to our investors via diversification and expansion

  3. To build lasting customer loyalty through good customer relationships, supported by highly competent staffs

  4. To provide sense of belonging within a fulfulling and rewarding working environment



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Prescription Filling / Refilling

Services Available2-01.png

Pharmacist Counselling

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Supplements And Organic
Health Food Consultation

Services Available4-01.png

Health Screening

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