Vagisan moisturising Cream 50g

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Indications for use

There are already several hormone-free, gel-based products (aqueous preparations) available to alleviate discomfort due to vaginal dryness. For many women, however, these lack the soothing and lubricating components; they would therefore rather use a cream. However, most creams available up to now require a prescription and contain oestrogens (female hormones).

Vagisan Moisturising Cream with dual effect can help all women who cannot or do not want to apply local oestrogens: it provides moisture AND soothing lipids (fats) to the skin in the vaginal and external genital area. Vagisan Moisturising Cream makes the sensitive skin in the vaginal area pleasantly supple – without the need for hormones.

Product information

The first hormone-free cream for vaginal dryness
Unlike a water-based preparation (gel), Vagisan Moisturising Cream is a cream. Creams always have a soothing lipid component in addition to a high water content.

The smooth, white cream does not contain hormones (oestrogens) and can therefore be used together with hormone replacement therapy or be alternated with hormone-based (oestrogen) vaginal creams or pessaries. Through the addition of lactic acid, the pH value of the cream is 4.5 and, as such, Vagisan Moisturising Cream helps to maintain the natural acidity (pH) in the vagina.

Regular use of Vagisan Moisturising Cream can help to prevent irritation and inflammation in the vagina and external genital area caused by dryness.