Urticor Nasal Spray 15ml

RM34.80 MYR RM38.70 MYR


URTICOR Nasal is a viscous and osmotically active, hypertonic solution for nasal spray. URTICOR Nasal forms a film over the nasal mucosa and sinus openings. The osmotically active film instantly attracts hypotonic fluid present in the deeper parts of the mucosa and creates a stream of hypotonic fluid from the inside outwards. This mechanical effect detaches and drains all contaminants present in the nasal cavity and decongests the nasal passage. The clearing of sinus-blocking biofilm opens the sinuses, reducing pressure and pain. The film formed by URTICOR Nasal also protects the nasal surface from dryness, irritation and external aggressions.


For topical use only. 1 – Clean the nose thoroughly before using the product. 2 – Shake the bottle well and remove the protective cap. 3 – Press the sprayer once or twice until a fine mist of product appears. 4 – Insert the nozzle into one nostril and spray the product by pressing on the sprayer. Repeat in other nostril. Apply 2- sprays in each nostril, 2-3 times per day or more if necessary, until complete recovery. 5 – Close the bottle with the cap after each use.