RM161.40 MYR RM189.90 MYR


Provides pain relief and compression for muscle injuries and general relief lower back dysfunctions; injuries to the lumbar discs and the sacro-iliac joint. This product has two flexible internal stays for additional support and adjustable elastic side straps for extra compression.

Exclusive 3 dimensional lining that provides insulation and wicking of moisture via air circulation. This allows the skin to remain well oxygenated and comfortable for extended periods.

. Promotion of increased blood flow facilitates enhanced recovery

. Provides light but firm compression to counter act tissue swelling

. Clinically tested to increase the skin and muscle temp.

. Provides temporary relief from pain/soreness associated wit h sport injuries, arthritis, and RSI

. Increases elasticity and reactivity of the muscle

. Poprioception (support) : Implies perception of correct body position

SIZES : S           M             L             XL 


Do not wear within 72 hours following an acute injury. This product contains a synthetic fiber, which may cause allergic reactions. Should an irritation or rash develop, discontinue use and seek medical advice. If pain persists, discontinue use and consult your medical professional.