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The Prime??? MacuGuard with Lutein and Zeaxanthin protects your eyes from UV rays and helps prevent age-related eye problems.

Who can benefit from MacuGuard

Those with eye problems
Macular Degeneration
Diabetic Retinopathy
Those at risk of eye problems
Frequently exposed to the sun ????? golfers
Computer users
Diabetes, High cholesterol, Heart disease
Age above 40
Family history
Those with skin pigmentation or age spots

How MacuGuard works

Lutein and zeaxanthin are yellow carotenoids (pigments) found in marigold flower, green leafy vegetables and eggs. In nature, carotenoids protect plants from too much sunlight. Without this protection, plants would burn up under the sun. In the same way, when you consume lutein and zeaxanthin from foods or supplements, it protects your eye tissues from sun damage.
In the human eye, lutein and zeaxanthin are naturally found in high concentrations in the macula and lens area. In the macula, lutein and zeaxanthin naturally form a layer of yellow pigments called the macular pigments, which serves as an effective natural filter of the harmful blue light that reaches the retina. Studies shown supplementation with lutein and zeaxanthin helps increase the density of the macular pigments. Higher macular pigment density is associated with healthier eyes and the retention of youthful visual sensitivity.
In addition, lutein and zeaxanthin also function as antioxidants and may help slow down age-related eye problems by decreasing oxidative damage to the retina and lens.
Lutein and zeaxanthin have also been found to protect skin from harmful UV damage, thereby may play a role in prevention of aging skin conditions such as age spots, pigments and wrinkles.
MacuGuard also contains antioxidants such as Betacarotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc.

Why is MacuGuard effective

Clinically proven Lutein and Zeaxanthin
MacuGuard uses XANGOLD??, a clinically-proven lutein and zeaxanthin, produced under patent by Cognis Corp, US.
XANGOLD?? is derived from marigold flowers that are grown specifically for Cognis to provide strict control from the crop to the finished product. Consistency is assured.
XANGOLD?? is extracted through patented process to preserve the natural activity of the active ingredients. Clinical studies using XANGOLD?? supplements showed that it increases density of macular pigment significantly.

Complete formula for eye health
Numerous studies showed combination of lutein and zeaxanthin plus antioxidants, is more effective than lutein and zeaxanthin alone.
With combination of lutein and zeaxanthin with antioxidants such as Betacarotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc, MacuGuard is a complete supplement formula for eye protection.

Better and Faster Absorption
Specially prepared in a softgel format to provide fast and better absorption by your body
Easy to swallow