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One Size Made to Fit All

The NANOPASS 32.5-range offers three different lengths - allowing you to choose the optimal pen needle for each patient type.

Terumo has used its extensive needle design technology to minimize the pain associated with injections.

Colour coding for easy identification of the preferred pen needle length.
NANOPASS 32.5G offers patients a more convenient insulin injection
by applying dedicated Terumo technologies:

1. Asymmetric bevel

The unique asymmetric bevel of NANOPASS cuts the skin instead of puncturing it. This decreases the resistance while penetrating the skin* ????? designed to reduce pain.
Asymmetric bevel

2. Special thin pen needle size

The special thin pen needle size of only 32.5G (0.22 mm) causes less skin trauma than larger needle sizes.
Special needle size

3. Terumo?????thin wall technology

The large inner diameter of NANOPASS 32.5 optimizes the insulin flow for an easy insulin injection.

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