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Terumo Medisafe Fit Starter Kit



Medisafe Fit Dual Beam??Blood Glucose Reader x 1
Medisafe Fit Blood Glucose Test Tips 30's x 1
Medisafe Finetouch Lancing Device x 1
Medisafe Lancet for Finetouch Lancing Device 30's x 1

Pleasantly different

The Medisafe FIT blood glucose meter is a high quality in vitro diagnostic medical device, which combines reliability and ease of use.

The design of the meter and the single-packed test TIPs are pleasantly different, meeting the patient’s needs.


Technology that provides high accuracy

The Dual RS™ measurement technology with twin-beam optical sensors provides very accurate and reliable results.

  1. Reliable within hematocrit value 20-60%
  2. Not affected by dissolved oxygen or maltose
  3. Recognition of insufficient blood sample

ISO 15197:2013 compatibility

Meets ISO 15197:2013 accuracy requirements in the lab and at the user performance.¹

¹ Freckmann G. et al. Analytical and User Performance Evaluation of a Blood Glucose Monitoring System following ISO 15197:2013.
FREC1454D - Poster Session; 6th November 2014; Diabetes Technology Meeting 2014, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, 6th-8th November 2014.

Product Illustrations

Helpful guidance


​The display shows helpful on-screen instructions and patient guidance:

  1. Easy to navigate with text and illustrations.
  2. Easy to read with universal font.
  3. Easy to understand error messages and suggestions to correct the error.


Patient support


  • Displays a smiley for blood glucose levels in the target range.
  • Alerts when blood glucose levels are outside the target range.


Post-Meal marking


Post-Meal marking helps patient by:

  • Managing glucose levels related to meals.
  • Adjusting target ranges related to pre- and post-meal values.


Ergonomic FIT-curve design


  • Fits to a variety of patient's holding styles.
  • Allows to measure when placed on the table.


Exceptional Test TIP


  • Individually packed Test TIPs are protected from environmental influence, like humidity and dirt
  • Easy to attach
  • The nozzle of the Test TIP allows easy blood sampling
  • Clean disposal with the ejector lever
  • No coding


Simple data transfer


​Wireless data transfer via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Placing the meter on top of the NFC reader unit allows records to be transferred directly to a computer.
(Requires an NFC Reader)

DIABASS® is a registered trademark of mediaspects GmbH.


Item Specifications

​MEDISAFE FIT Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Product ​ Pieces Code

Blood Glucose Meter


country related2

Medisafe Fit test TIP.png MEDISAFE FIT
Blood Glucose Test TIP
25 MS*FC025C

Finetouch Lancing Device.png 
Lancing device
1 MS*GN02C
Finetouch Lancet.png  TERUMO FINETOUCH
25 MS*GN4525C

2 Please contact your local Terumo office

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