STOPER Pepper Spray-Maximum Strength 20ml

RM54.70 MYR RM56.90 MYR

STOPER causes severe burning sensation in the eyes with excessive tearing, coughing and breathing difficulty. The eyes close involuntarily, extreme burning sensation on exposed skin, sneezing and running nose. It is recommended to have one in hand when walking, entering a building, hallway etc, especially when you are alone. It contains approximately 25 bursts.


For self-defense ONLY. Contents are dangerous - use with care. Use by person(s) under age of 18 years is prohibited.

  • nstantly disable attackers
  • 8 ft (2.4m) spray range
  • Instrument of self- defence
  • Fires up to 5x longer than other brands
  • Severe skin & eye irritant