Spoon Health Organic chia Seed 450g

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he 'Omega-3' Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica L.) is an ancient crop of the Aztecs cultivated in the tropical and sub tropical valleys of South America. Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds and oil naturally contain more than 60% Omega-3 fatty acids. In our body, the Omega-3 fatty acids from Chia Seeds will be converted to EPA and DHA. In addition to it's extremely high Omega-3 content, Chia Seeds has other components for human nutrition such as anti-oxidants, fiber, protein and minerals.

2 tablespoon (15g) of Spoon Health Chia Seeds into fruit juice, vegetable juice or any beverages.


  • How To Consume
    • Just sprinkle a little on your favourite food or dissolve it in your drink to enjoy
    • 2 tablespoons a day is the recommend intake for your body to absorb all of the essential nutrients Chia seeds contain
  • Key Nutrition
    • Each Organic Chia Product contains:
      • Omega 3: Great for improving heart health, and helps in sugar control. How? By allowing carbs to be converted into energy more slowly, hence preserving energy
      • Dietary Fibre: Helps improve your digestive system, resulting in better toxin removal
      • Anti-oxidants: Helps improves your skin, giving you a better complexion
  • Certification
    • Spoon Health Organic Chia Seeds meets or exceeds the following certifications:
      • CERES GMBH under the US National Organic Program
      • 7 CFR Part 205 – USDA Organic
      • Halal Certified – JAKIM MS 1500/2009/1 118-08/2014
      • GMO Free
      • Gluten Free