Solcoseryl Jelly 10% 20g

RM18.95 MYR RM22.85 MYR

Use for : weeping wounds  and burns  stimulate growth of skin from damaged skin/ tissue due to wounds/burns  Solcoseryl is a tissue metabolism activator, chemically and biologically standardized- deproteinised, non antigenic and apyrogenic hemodialized extract form the blood of healthy young calf. It contains large amounts of natural lowmolecular weight substances - glycolipides, nucleosides, nucleotides, amino acids, oligopeptides, irreplaceable microelements, electrolytes, intervening products of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It stimulates cellular oxygen consumption, especially in cases of hypoxia, normalizes metabolism, glucose transport, stimulates ATP synthesis, accelerates regeneration in reversible cell and tissue damage. Stimulates angiogenesis, promotes revascularization of ischemic tissue, creation of conditions for collagen synthesis and growth of new granulation tissue, accelerates revitalization and wound coverage. Possesses membrane-stabilizing and cell-protecting properties. Indications: burns, skin ulcers and venous insufficiency