Smith&Nephew Opsite Flexigrid 6x7cm Box Of 5's

RM13.00 MYR

  • Provides faster, safer and less painful wound healing
  • Waterproof, transparent film with unique wound measurement grid
  • Simple, effective application technique
  • Clinically proven to provide moist wound healing for superficial wounds
  • Ideal for use as secondary dressing

How To Use

      Attending to the wound: Wash hands before treating the wound

      Gently clean the wound by removing any debris and dry the surrounding skin

      Remove dressing from pouch starting with the backing paper (1). Do not touch the adhesive side

               Place the dressing over the wound using light pressure.

Health Warnings

      Immuno-compromised patients and diabetic patients may require extra supervision

              Care should be taken to avoid skin damage caused by repeated applications on           individuals with thin or fragile skin