Pur White L-Gluthathione 15gx30's

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G A M PurWhite UV Bright Drink is the most effective way to restore fair skin, not only on the face but also on the whole body. It is a functional, instant drink that also provides UV protection against harmful damages. Like any other G A M products, this too does contain patented formula that is specially designed for all skin types and suitable for both male and female. 

A Simple Way for UV Protection and Whitening
Regardless how strong is the UV protection of our daily skincare/cosmetic products, we need to reapply in certain duration in order to get the complete UV protection.Now with taking PurWhite UV Bright Drink each day, you can get UV protection against harmful damages for hours. Besides, enriched with whitening and anti-ageing properties such as L-glutathione, Vitamin C, Liqourice extract, mixberries, Marine collagen...etc, you can achieve brighter, fairer and younger luminous skin in just few days!

Directions of Use: Consume 1 sachets daily or before going outdoor activity. You may mix each sachet with adequate water according to your taste, stir well and consume immediately during morning or night.* For beginners, drink consecutively for 7days after the expected result achieved, you may drink 1 sachet in every 2days for maintenance purpose.  Listen to what satisfied customers said:
"My skin tone is much more lighter and fairer now..." Celest Wong (F) Penang consumption day: 14 days"Skin is radiant and firmer, thank you PuWhite, i am satisfied customer." Wong Sau Harn (F) Penang Consumption day:17 days"My skin is obviously glower and fair after 2 weeks!" Teoh Chye Hong (F) JohorConsumption day: 14 days"Satisfied with the outcome."Tuti Hernawati (F) Johor Consumption day: 10days"What i can say is:[PurWhite gives good and satisfied result for skin.]" Normah Bt. Abu Bakri (F) Ipoh Consumption day: 5days "Dark spots is obviously faded, skin becomes glower and moisture now." Endie Justine (F) Sabah Consumption days: 26days