PHILIPS sonicare toothbrush for kids

RM264.99 MYR RM299.00 MYR


PHILIPS sonicare is an electric toothbrush for children 3 years and above. It is 75% more effective compared to a normal toothbrush. 91% of professional dentists recommend PHILIPS sonicare and 98% of parents say its easier. It has a dynamic cleaning action as well, cleans up to 500 strokes per second.


. Helps build healthy lifelong habits

. Fun and educational

. Encourages children to brush their teeth

. Its easy to use

. Great for braces


. Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology connects to our app. (Making it fun and educational for kids to brush on their own.)

. 1 Rechargeable handle

. 1 Brush head (compact)

. 1 Charger base

. 8 customization stickers,2 bonus stickers

. 2 power modes

Two kid-friendly  power modes deliver appropriate cleaning for different ages. (Low for young children, high for older children).

. KidTimer

The timer gradually increases to 2 mins to train kids to brush more consistently.

 *Download the free kids brushing app.