Perskindol Gel 100ml

RM19.70 MYR RM22.55 MYR

Simply rub Perskindol  Gel into your painful muscles to provide yourself with an effective, temporary relief of your aches and pains.

Perskindol  Gel has many benefits:

  • It contains essential oils, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It relieves pain naturally via the salicylic acids contained in specific essential oils.

  • Is pleasant to use, non-greasy, penetrates quickly, pleasantly scented.

Plus, Perskindol  Gel activates the blood flow thereby improving the microcirculation in the muscle fibres.

Perskindol  Gel is well-suited to the pain associated with muscle strains, ligament sprains, joint stiffness, arthritis and rheumatism.