Ovatel REUSABLE Ovulation/Fertility Monitor by ABBOTT

RM116.30 MYR RM145.00 MYR

Ovatel is a saliva based ovulation test????? helps you to predict ovulation by pinpointing/identifying the estrogen surge most women get just before the onset of ovulation????? therefore, giving you the best overall opportunity each month/cycle to conceive!. Ovatel is the ONLY Ovulation Monitor using specially designed lens (designed by a highly reputable US optical engineering company) for ultimate viewing of ferning.


Top reasons why you need Ovatel NOW!.

  • Timing intercourse is everything ????? when trying to conceive.
  • Ovatel reveals your five day fertile period ????? improving your chances of conception.
  • Ovatel is 98% accurate ????? when used properly.
  • Ovatel is reusable. Buy it once -Reuse it every day.
  • 100% Natural????? ideal for Natural Family Planning
  • Ovatel is highly affordable & cost effective.
  • Take the Ovatel test anytime, anywhere, ????? it only takes a few seconds.
  • Recognized by all religions.

Using Ovatel increases your chances of conception It?????s so Easy!

Collect a drop of saliva (best place to collect is from under the tongue) using the small stick provided. Place the saliva on the lens ?????let dry completely ?????hold the lens to the light and view the images/patterns. If you are ovulating or coming up to ovulation ?????you can see the fern- like or crystal-like patterns on the lens.

Once you start to see that you?????ve entered your fertile period, it is recommended that couples have intercourse once every day for the entire fertile period ?????usually 5 days.
Healthy couples who do this will surely conceive!!