Orifera Natural VCO Toothpaste 150g

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Orifera Natural Virgin Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Scientists have tested virgin coconut oil against the bacteria that cling to teeth and produce acids that cause teeth to decay.  Virgin Coconut Oil was found to be a powerful killer of these bacteria.

Orifera Natural Virgin Coconut Oil Toothpaste is a gentle all natural toothpaste formulated using organic extra virgin coconut oil for bright and healthy teeth.  Virgin Coconut Oil and Xylitol help to protect teeth from decay and cavities.  Regular brushing removes plaque, whitens  teeth and helps to keep your mouth healthy and feeling fresh.


  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Xylitol defend against tooth decay
  • Triple calcium formula.
  • Natural fennel and mint flavour.
  • 100% vegetarian and Halal.
  • Safe and natural ingredients.
  • Free from fluoride, saccharine, triclosan, parabens and other harmful chemicals.
  • Uses gentle natural amino acid cleansers instead of SLS/SLES.