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Collected from unsprayed and unpolluted fields of wild flowers in the coaster area of New Zealand.

The highest quality royal jelly blended with quality organic Manuka Honey. Royal jelly contains remarkable amounts of vitamins, proteins, lipids, glucides, hormones, enzymes, mineral substances, aminoacids, antibacterial and antibiotic components and specifically factors that act as a biocatalyst in cell regeneration processes and help preserve the youth of the human body.

Unique properties of Oregan Royal Jelly Honey in combination with beneficial properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey provide to the following beneficial properties:

Stimulate physical performance and general health improvement
Increase resistance to viral infections

Oregan Royal Jelly Honey is produced with using new processing technology based on freeze drying manufacturing. This technology allows preserving maximum biological activity of Royal jelly in powder form. These process results in volatile royal jelly components are well preserved and physical-chemical and biological characteristics of royal jelly conform to fresh natural lyophilized royal jelly.

20% Freeze-dried Royal Jelly Powder and 80% Organic Manuka Honey.
No artificial additives and coloring added.

Directions for use:
Take 1-2 teaspoon before meals, 2-3 times per day. For better effect dissolve honey in the mouth.
People who have allergic reactions should seek medical advice before consuming.


Color: Light to dark yellowish.
Odour: Fruity and sourish.
Taste: Fruity.

Oregan manufacturing practices and standards are assured by our Quality Control Team and meet or exceed local and international requirements.


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