Oradex Dual Action Gargle and rince 400ml

RM19.90 MYR RM23.30 MYR

Product Features

  • Hexetidine and Thymol combination mouthwash is proven and effective against bacteria in the mouth and throat.
  • Oradex Dual Action Gargle & Rinse contains 0.10% Hexetidine & 0.10% Thymol and is both alcohol and paraben free. It is specially formulated for extra anti-bacterial protection, relieves and soothes the mouth and throat. Use it as part of your oral hygiene regime for good oral and overall health.

Uses & Benefits

  • Symptomatic relief of sore throat and infections of the mucous membrane of the mouth caused by bacteria and fungus including mouth ulcer.
  • Reduce infections and promote healing following dental procedures and minor surgery of the mouth.
  • Suitable for all aged six years and above.
  • Pleasant minty flavor and soothing without the stinging effects of alcohol.