Oat King Sport 800g

RM49.90 MYR

Food eaten before exercise should provide  carbohydrate . Carbohydrate-containing foods have different effects on blood glucose levels. Carbohydrate-containing foods can be rated on a scale called the glycemic index (GI). Foods can be classified by their glycemic index (GI) as low, medium, or high.  Researchers have shown that ingesting a low GI meal prior to exercise resulted in improved endurance capacity . Oat King Sport is  low glycemic index (GI)  food which made by wheat, organic brown rice, corn, grains & oat. The Oat King Sport. It has been suggested that eating Sports Oat King one hours before endurance events, such as long-distance running, may improve exercise capacity as they would result in a slower and more sustained release of glucose during exercise maintaining glucose levels for a longer period. Oat King Sport is also the oat with  high Calcium . 
For those athletes who participate in endurance sports more than one hour of consistent activity, you need to be concerned about taking in enough Calcium, because inadequate calcium consumption can weaken your bones, increase your risk of stress fractures, and inhibit proper muscle functioning. Oat King Sport contains nutrients and minerals  which are good for athletes. The more intense the exercise or sport, the greater the body’s nutrient needs. They demand more from their bodies so must compensate with the right nutrients from foods to keep performance and recovery at its peak.
List of Benefits
 Enhance your Stamina
 Boost the Immune System
 Making you Feel Full Longer
 Help to Slower Release of Glucose during exercise
 Help to Maintaining Glucose Levels for a Longer Period
 Help to Prevent Osteoporosis
 Help to Improve Performance
 Help to Improve Exercise Capacity
 Help to improve Endurance Capacity
 Abundant of Nutrients and Minerals