Nutren Diabetik 800g

RM84.80 MYR RM100.00 MYR

Nutren untuk Diabetik Complete Nutrition

Low Glycemic Index

Vanilla Flavour

11.3g Protein per 250 ml serving

4.8g Fibre per 250ml serving


  1. Wash hands . Follow the dosage table and select the volume to be prepared
  2. Measure cooled boiled water and pour into a clean bowl or container .
  3. Scoop and level the desired amount of powder using the scoop in the tin or weigh by grams
  4. Add the powder to the water and immediately stir until well mixed
  5. After use , store the scoop inside the can as shown

Nutren untuk Diabetik is a nutritionally balanced , complete diet for oral consumption or tube feeding , designed for people with diabetes or hyperglycemia . Nutren Untuk Diabetik can be used as the sole source of nutrition or as a supplement . It can also be part of a healthy diabetic meal plan . It is lactose-free , gluten-free , and meets International Diabetic Guidelines . Glycemic Index=28