Noxworm Chewtab 2s

RM8.00 MYR RM8.50 MYR

  • One easy dose Deworming Treatment For Your Whole Family
  • Sugar-Free
  • Noxworm Chewtab Chocolate Flavour
  • Each Tablet Comtains Albendaxole 200mg
  • Kills Intestinal Worms such as (Threadworm , whipworm , roundworm , hookworm , tapeworm and strongloides .)


Adults and Children above 2 years : Chew 2 tablets as a single dose

Children 1-2 years : Chew 1 tablet as a single dose .

For tapeworm and strongyloides infestation

(adults and children above 2 years) : Chew 2 tablets once daily for 3 consecutive days

(Children 1 to 2 years) :Chew 1tablets once daily for 3 consecutive days 


Before Taking Noxworm Chewtab

Should not be administered during confirmed or suspected pregnancy

All family members and others in close contact should be treated at the same time in order to prevent reinfestation .

Unsuitable for phenylketonurics .

After Taking Noxworm Chewtab

If infestation persists , please consult a doctor

Gastrointestinal symptoms may occur in Albendazole overdose