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Norit activated charcoal comes in the capsule form, the gelatin used for the capsule is sourced from bovine, that has been certified halal from Spain and at the time of this writing, application of the halal certificate from Malaysia is in process. I like the fact that the capsule form make it easier to swallow compared to the tablet form, why, as you won?????t find it is trying to suck all your saliva along your throat that make you feel like you are being choked compared to taking them in tablet form. This is indeed helpful if you don?????t have much drinking water with you during travelling, or for kids (above 6 years anyway) to want to swallow it, ever remember how was the experience when your kids swallow their first medicine in pill? Well, activated charcoal in tablet form is much worse for them than you can imagine.

Besides, Norit is ?????purer????? in a capsule form without much added ingredients to make it a tablet (you need more stuff to mix with to make something into a solid tablet form), by taking note that the more ingredients you mixed with any activated charcoal, the more portion of the charcoal is used up by them, which is actually for adsorbing chemicals and poison in the guts. The rule of thumb in consuming any activated charcoal is: other than water, don?????t take any other things else together with it as they will all be adsorbed and ended up in the toilet together with the charcoal. Thus, also remember when next time you were prescribed activated charcoal in which you still need to take other medicines like for hypertension, or with the anti-diarrhea pills, be sure you take them in separately at different time.