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New Advance 1+4 Formula
Experience A Better You

NH Colla Plus Advance, the enhanced Asian skin-beautifying formula, gives stronger protection to the skin from sunlight (UV rays), eliminates dark spots, lightens scars and boosts the skin’s water retaining capability. This improved formula is fortified with superior antioxidants (Vitamin C, GSE 95% OPCs), Phyto cell, marine collagen and nutritious sea buckthorn concentrate to strengthen the skin foundation, fight against discolouration, brighten skin complexion, accelerate the skin repairing process and regenerate healthier skin cells from within.

Made using the latest spray drying technology, it enables deep penetration into the dermis and increases the body’s absorption rate by up to 99%. It speeds up the skin’s repairing and regenerating process to give incredibly fair, hydrated, firm and supple skin in just a short period of time. Results are noticeable on the face and the whole body.

Why NH Colla Plus Advance Stands Out

NH Colla Plus Advance’s new 1+4 formula possesses not just the 7 beauty benefits of NH Colla Plus; it has also been enhanced with additional potent ingredients to further strengthen its skin-beautifying action to provide users with more significant results.

Grape Seed Extract 95% OPCs used in NH Colla Plus Advance is water soluble, making it highly absorbable by the body (up to 99% absorption rate), giving you the maximum benefits of OPCs. Low grade grape seed extract is ordinarily not water soluble and has less health benefits to the body.

Grape stem cell has an excellent regenerative effect on skin cells and contains high amounts of potent antioxidants. Together with OPCs, skin is doubly shielded against UV stress and harmful free radicals. This is key to why NH Colla Plus Advance gives users fast and significant results in just a short period of time.

Extracted from the skin of deep sea fish (the non-polluted source of fish) and produced using the Spray Drying Technology, this collagen enables a 99% body absorption rate for optimum results. While the best collagen dosage for the body is 5000mg, NH Colla Plus Advance is boosted with 6000mg of marine collagen, seeing the introduction of new ingredients. This dosage is found to work best with the other potent ingredients for fast and significant results.

The Unique 4 Advantages of NH Colla Plus Advance
1. Latest Technology Used

Produced using the Spray Drying Technology to enable a 99% body absorption rate for optimum results.

2. Quality Assured

With a Product Liability insurance valued up to US$1 mil (RM3mil), demonstrating an assurance of the potency and safety of its 100% all-natural ingredients with no preservatives, chemical additives and no side effects.

3. An Unique Formulation

Strong antioxidants (Natural Vitamin C, Grape Seed Extract 95% OPCs) and Phyto Cell work together with collagen and Sea Buckthorn concentrate to promote internal skin health.

4. Preservative & Additive-free

Devoid of any preservatives, synthetic flavoring, coloring and chemical additives.