Nexcare Bath & Shower Glove

RM12.15 MYR


  1. Wet the product and add appropriate amount of shower gel. Lightly rub the product to produce luxury lather and apply it gently to your body.
  2. Rinse the lather off and clean your body thoroughly the water to reveal the smoothness and suppleness of your skin.
  3. Double faced design
  • The soft one helps cleanse and massage your body. The scrubbing one helps remove dead skin cells and provides you with a Spa-like enjoyment.

       4. The glove-shaped design allows you to enjoy an easy and relaxing body wash.


  1. Gently clean your body to avoid hurting your skin.
  2. If skin gets irritated during or after use, please stop using the product and consult your doctors.
  3. Rinse the product thoroughly after use .
  4. Machine wash in laundry bag.Air-dry.Do not iron or expose it in sunshine.