Natural Remedies BG Oat Plus 420g

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β-Glucans are polysaccharides that contain only glucose as structural components, and are linked with β-glycosidic bonds.

BG Oat Plus is a highly nutritious gluten free instant drink with premium oat bran. Oat Bran contains 50% higher β-Glucans than regular oats, therefore making BG Oat Plus your ideal source of β-Glucans.

Many positive effects have been attributed to the ingestion of oat products, including cholesterol control, regulation of glucose and insulin metabolism and an improved gastrointestinal function. These beneficial properties are attributed to the soluble fiber found in oats, which is called Beta-glucan.

In BG Oat plus, premium oat bran, the natural, gelling fibres are present in high contents due to a careful stabilization process of oat bran.

BG Oat plus, premium Oat Beta Glucan is scientifically classified as a (1,3),(1,4)-BetaD-Glucan. The numbers in parentheses simply indicate the way the individual glucose monomers are linked together in the polymer beta glucan chain.

Beta-glucan in BG Oat plus used proprietary proccessing technology to ensure the premium oat beta-glucans more accessible naturally to the body and it helps to flush out cholesterol more effectively.

BG Oat plus is designed to give you more of oat bran’s beta-glucan benefits.

Oat Beta Glucan has been shown during 30 years of research to:

- Effectively lower serum cholesterol in humans and thus promote cardiovascular health.

- To regulate glucose absorption from the intestine during digestion of sugary and starch rich foods, therefore lowering ‘GI’ of a meal and protecting against obesity and type 2 diabetes.

- As an indigestible soluble fibre, it promotes excellent gut health, relieves constipation and offers long term protection against bowel diseases.

- Suppress appetite, because it forms a thick, viscous solution in the human gut, causing a feeling of fullness and satiation.