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In addition to vitamin C's powerful antioxidant and infection-fighting properties, this product also contains bioflavonoids. These ingredients are in a time release form as vitamin C cannot be stored for future use. Vitamin C is necessary for maintaining collagen structures, promoting wound healing, building strong bones and teeth, and maintaining healthy gums. As a powerful antioxidant, it protects the aqueous areas of the body (including the blood, intracellular fluid and interstitial fluid) from free radical damage.

The body's need for vitamin C increases during times of stress because vitamin C participates in the production of vital chemicals such as norepinephrine, needed for the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. Vitamin C also acts as a detoxifier, helping to cleanse the body of toxins such as cigarette smoke and carbon monoxide.

Bioflavonoids are vitamin-like molecules that are found in the peel of citrus fruits and other fruits and vegetables. They enhance the activity of vitamin C and may improve the body's ability to hold and absorb vitamin C by 35 percent. Bioflavonoids are plant components known to improve circulation, memory and varicose veins.