Megalive Manplus 2x60's F30's

RM203.60 MYR RM254.60 MYR

Pumpkin Seed Extract

- As a traditional aid for prostate related diseases.

- Effectively treat an overactive baldder


Herbal Andrographitis Paniculata Extract

- Anti-inflammatory effect

- Promote gallbaldder health


Tongkat Ali Powder

- Used as natural booster.

- Its primary use is to promote healthy libido and support normal hormone levels in males


Cranberry Extract

- Prevention of UTI eg:E.coli infection


Saw Palmetto Extract

- Remedy urinary and reproductive disorders in men

- Effective for male pattern hair loss


Pygeum Africanum Extract

- Helps to reduce urinary frequency and nocturia


Stigma Zea mays

-Used for baldder infection,inflammation of the urinary system and prostate

- Prevention of kidney stones formation


Flaxseed Oil Powder

- Improves immune system for better health