Medisana ViFit MX3 connect Activity Tracker (including 3 wristbands)

RM229.00 MYR RM250.00 MYR

Activity and sleep tracker in a single device
Product number: 79790

Activity and sleep tracker

The ViFit connect MX3 Activity Tracker proves: Something doesn't have to look like fitness to keep us fit. ViFit connect MX3 precisely counts and displays every step and burned calorie. Using a 3D motion sensor, it captures all the physical day-time and night-time activities. It can be worn ergonomically and discreetly on the wrist as merely the perfect activity control tool, since it can also motivate its wearer to take the stairs more often instead of the elevator. Thanks to the 3 different coloured bracelets and the 2 different sizes, the ViFit connect MX3 can be individually adapted to your specific needs.



- Tells Time, Date and Battery life

- Number of steps taken

- Calories burned

- Duration of activity

- Daily goal in %

- Sleep Mode (Tracks movement and duration of sleep)

- Vibration Alarm clock

Connection to VitaDock® Online    

Transfer your vital data results from your VitaDock+ App to VitaDock® Online and benefit from the numerous features to view and display your data in the online portal. VitaDock® Online by Medisana® enables you to save, access, analyse and export your own health data such as blood-pressure, blood sugar, weight, temperature, saturation of oxygen in blood and activity. Additionally you can synchronize your data stored in the online portal with the VitaDock+ App on several iOS and Android devices.