Medicom Safe+Mask Guardian Earloop Face Mask 40's

RM32.99 MYR RM42.40 MYR

Low Barrier mask with patented antimicrobial/antiviral technology built-in for extra protection against common pathogens like MRSA, VRE, staphylococcus aureus, human and avian influenza.


  • Antimicrobial/antiviral formula is embedded into the fibers of each layer, spread throughout the entire fiber  and cannot leach off— all this while maintaining excellent breathability.
  • Low Barrier (ASTM Level 1)
  • EPA safety assessment showed no dermal sensitization and no skin irritation.
  • Soft, stretchy earloops and adjustable nosepiece for comfort and customization.


More details can be found on the “technical information” tab