Marimer Isotonique Nasal Hygiene Spray 100ml

RM30.20 MYR RM36.30 MYR

Marimer isotonic sea water is naturally rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements. It consists of 100% water diluted sterile isotonic sea.

This nasal spray is indicated for daily washing of the nostrils in infants, children and adults, particularly in case of blocked or dry nose.

The micro-diffusion process Marimer gently facilitates the evacuation of nasal secretions. Its end provided with a locking collar allows for safe use for infants.

A healthy nose helps protect the nasal mucosa against external aggressions (cold, allergens, dry atmosphere, pollution ...)  and helps the nose to meet their respiratory function.


How to use:

  • Insert the end in the nostril.
  • Tilting the head sideways and spray in the upper nostril.
  • Apply a spray per nostril of 1 to 4 times per day, as needed. It can be used daily and over a long period.
  • Repeat on the other nostril.
  • Lift head to flush mucus and then wipe the excess (in infants) or blowing (children and adults)