Ialumar Isotonic Nasal Spray 100ml

RM38.00 MYR RM42.00 MYR

Contents:Hyaluronic acid Na salt, sea water
Indications / Uses
Adult & childn: Aids elimination of excess nasal secretions, immediate relief to mucus membrane dryness by aiding in nasal humidification. Post-op rhinosinusitis. Prevents formation of earwax plugs, maintains cleanliness of the auditory meatus & prevents stagnation of undesirable particles in the ear.
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Dosage / Direction for Use
Nasal Tilt head to 1 side & spray for 2 sec into each nose. Otic Tilt head to 1 side then spray once/twice into the lower ear & wait for few sec & dry carefully. Use several times daily as needed.
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History of otorrhea, perforation of the tympanic membrane & chronic otitis media.
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Special Precautions
Avoid exposure to sunlight.