Hyzo Gel Sterile Amorphous Hydrogel 15gx10's

RM185.00 MYR RM199.00 MYR

Hyzo Gel is a colourless, transparent viscose gel.

Excellent, controlled moisture delivery coupled with unique handling characteristics contribute to the superior performance of Finesse Gel. When placed in contact with a wound, this hydrogel stabilizes the wound creating a moist wound environment, without causing tissue maceration.

Depending on wound conditions this hydrogel has the ability to donate moisture to dry necrotic tissue or absorb excess exudate as required.


· Management of ulcers, pressure sores and other low exuding, sloughy or necrotic wounds

· Debridement and removal of necrotic and devitalized material from low exuding wounds


· Maintains a Moist Wound Environment

· Controlled Moisture Delivery

· Superior Exudates Absorption

· Crystal Clear, Aiding Wound Assessment

· Stays in Place In Wound

· Excellent Stability