Hydrogel Foot Heel Patch 4 patch

RM15.10 MYR

There are different types of accessories for removing keratinized skin on the soles of the feet: special files, pumice stones, and even frightening shavers for pedicure

In the package there are two types of patches (2 pieces each), plus elastic grids for a more secure attachment. The first stage is products of white color, saturated with a complex of active components, including urea, salicylic and lactic acid. They are recommended to stick after showering, leave for the night, and in the morning with a pair of light movements wipe the dead epidermis layer with pumice stone or a stiff washcloth.The second series of green masks is again applied at night to soften, nourish and moisten the heels. This is promoted by olive and jojoba oil, tea tree, evening primrose, vitamin E.

Indication: Prevention and treatment of rough, dry and cracked foot heel and sole skin.

Day 01: The usage of this patch makes it possible to remove the corny dead skin on the foot heel or sole thus helps to get rid of dry skin and makes the skin smooth.

Day 02: After removing the dead skin the foot heel or sole area needs moisturization what can be given by Day 02 patch.