Hyaluflex HA PRO Powder (2g x 30)

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Hyaluflex contains a patented natural ingredient – Hyaluronic Acid Complex. It is a unique natural product with a high concentration of HA, the main component of synovial fluid, which provides the liquid layer that cushions and lubricates joints. Besides, it also contains collagen and glycosaminoglycan that form the structural components of connective tissue in joints.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
• Stimulate the synthesis of HA in joints by 10 times• Reduce inflammation in joints
• Reduce joint discomfort
• Improve muscle strength

Hyaluflex HA PRO Powder (2g x 30)

Active Ingredient:
Each sachet contains –
Chicken Comb Extract ….. 80mg
(providing 48mg of Sodium Hyaluronate equivalent to 46.6mg Hyaluronic Acid)

Dosage: Dissolve the content of 1 sachet (2g) in a glass of water (100ml) once daily after food.