Horley's Sculpt Milk Chocolate 500g

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Reach Your Goals Faster With Sculpt Premium Protein

Lasting Fullness

Sculpt offers a blend of the best whey and soy proteins providing your body with essential nutrients and most importantly a lasting sense of fullness and sustained energy .

Support Metabolism

Boosted with Vitamins and Minerals to promote normal metabolism , plus L-Carnitine and plant extracts including green tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Low Sugar

No added sugars , no empty calories

Combats Fatigue

With 14 vitamins and minerals including over 40% of the recommended daily iron and B6 , Sculpt contributes to reducing your tiredness and fatique so you can focus on what's important

Muscle Repair

Protein plays a very important part in recovery , tissue repair and muscle growth . Supplementing your diet with a premiun protein powder switches your body into muscle repair mode to help you recover faster from your workouts .

How do i use Sculpt ?

As a mid-morning or afternoon snack

After exercise to refuel and replenish your body

For a sustaining start to your day sprinkle over cereal or stir into oats


Add 2 level scoops of powder to 250 ml cold low fat milk , fruit juice or water and mix in a blender or shaker