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What Hirudoid cream and when is it used?

Hirudoid cream contains the active ingredient Mucopolysaccharidpolysulfat (Heparinoidum MPS). This prevents the formation of blood clots and promote their recovery.Moreover, inflammation and fluid accumulation in the tissues are eliminated.

After application of cream can Hirudoid after tissue tension and the associated pain, swelling and bruising to go back, the heaviness in the legs is alleviated.

Hirudoid cream is applied:

- In discomfort associated with varicose veins such as pain, heaviness, swelling in the legs (Stauungs??deme);

- For loosening hard scars, the scar care and cosmetic improvement of scars;

- In blunt sports and accident injuries such as bruises, contusions, sprains, bruises and swelling;

- Pain in the muscles and tendons.

With a prescription cream may also Hirudoid

- At (superficial) phlebitis;

- In inflammatory conditions of varicose veins;

- For the treatment of sclerotherapy;

- To support the treatment of venous thrombosis

How do you use Hirudoid cream?

Unless the doctor or the doctor will prescribe, several times a day a cream strand of 3-5 cm (more if needed) and rub lightly until the disappearance of the cream.


The use and safety of Hirudoid cream in children has been previously tested are not systematically.

Stick to the in the package insert or the doctor or the doctor prescribed dosage. If you think the medicine is too weak or too strong, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or druggist or with your physician, pharmacist or druggist.
What side effects can Hirudoid have cream?

Side effects may occur with the use of Hirudoid cream:

In rare cases it can cause hypersensitivity skin reactions (allergy). Tell your doctor or health care professional if you observe appropriate signs. With stronger irritation you should Hirudoid cream no longer apply.