Grandpawpaw hand cream 75g

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Australian traditional and unique formulation, Paw Paw Hand Cream is rich in papaya fruit extract and enhanced with manuka honey 20+. It soothes and moisturizes your hands from drying and cold weather and protects your hands from daily aggressions. The Paw Paw Hand Cream is additionally fortified with Lanolin and Vitamin E for rapid absorption and hydrolipidic film restorationof the skin. It rejuvenates and brings back the youthful appearance of the hands and is suitable for all skin types.


- Instantly moisturizes & soothes dry and severely
  chapped hands
- Delicately scented to give exceptional comfort
- Formulated with natural herbal antioxidants & plant
  based ingredients
- Leaves skin & cuticles velvety soft, smooth & supple

Suggested dose

Apply generously to your hands and massage gently as often as needed.


Papaya extract, Manuka Honey 20+, Lanolin, Vitamin E, fragrance.