Georgie's Mini First Aid Kit for travellers

RM19.90 MYR

The Mini-est Traveling first aid kit that fits in your luggage bag or back pack.


1. Win-Aid Antiseptic Cream x1. (just like the old Savlon we used to love). Ideal for cuts and scratches to prevent infection.

2. Sterile field x1

3. Sterile Cotton Gauze Swabs 7.5cmx7.5cm x 5

4. Sterile Cotton balls 0.5g x8

5. Sterile Dressing forceps x3

6. Sterile Dressing Towel x 1

7. Sterile Dressing tray with Gallipot x 1

8. Sterile Normal Saline 10ml x 1

9. Dressing Tape 0.5 inch wide x1

10. Elastic (Fabric) Plasters x 10

11. Crepe Bandage 5cm x 4.5m x 1



While this travel First aid kit is meant to offer travellers a compact and light package to bring on their journey, it is by no means a complete first aid kit for major accidents. Please read and understand the contents above to see if it meets your needs.