First Aid Box MDL 139 Equipped

RM70.80 MYR RM79.70 MYR

1 pc of Quality P.V.C Container

1 bt of Antiseptic Lotion

1 tb of Antiseptic Cream

1 bt of Acriflavine Solution

1 bt of Medicated Oil

10 pcs of Plaster Strips

1 roll of W.O.W Bandage 2.5cmx5m

1 roll of W.O.W Bandage 5.0cmx5m

1 roll of W.O.W Bandage 7.5cmx5m

1 pair of Tweezers

1 box of Gauge Swabs

1 roll of Surgical Tape

1 box of Triangular Bandage

4 boxes of Absorbent Cotton Wool

1 box of Cotton Buds

1 box of Paracetamol

2 pcs of Alcohol Swabs

1 box of Antacid (Gastric Tablets)

12 pcs of Safety Pins

1 pc of Scissors

1 pc of Content card

2 pcs of Nails

1 pc of First Aid Booklet