Ezy dose Locking Pill Cutter

RM17.00 MYR RM18.00 MYR

The Locking Pill Cutter cuts pills in half making them easier to swallow.  The removable locking bar keeps cutter from opening accidentally and the stainless steel blade cuts with precision and ease.  Soft, flexible wings keep pills of any size centered and in place.  Includes two compartments for storing medication.


1. To open, simply press on the optional locking bar, if used.

2. While pushing the locking bar in, lift up on over.

3. Place tablet into the "V" shaped holder.

4. Close cover to split tablet.

5. Repeat opening process and remove tablet halves.

6. Close cover and store in closed position.

To convert the Tablet Cutter to locking mode.

Open the lid of the tablet cutter.  Insert locking bar (A) into the hole

on the front side of the cutter with the tab of the locking bar pointing

back towards the hinge.  Press until it snaps into place (B).  Close lid to

 lock cutter.  To remove again, simply open the cutter, grasp the tab

and pull out firmly.