Esemtan Wash Lotion (1 Litre )

RM77.80 MYR RM84.80 MYR

  • universally usable – for the whole body, face and hair
  • suitable for all skin types
  • pH neutral and soap free to reduce allergic and skin irritation
  • fresh smell and pleasant colour for a cosmetic feel
  • Contains allantoin
  • esemtan wash lotion was developed for gentle hand and body washing, and can be used:

    • for all skin types
    • for thorough and gentle hand washing in surgical and hygienic hand disinfection with alcoholic rub-in preparations
    • for gentle body hygiene/cleansing when showering or in partial and full baths, even in cases of hypersensitivity to soap
    • for mild and gentle washing of patients before surgery
    • for cleansing in cases of incontinence, prolonged confinement to bed, in cases of pruritis ani and vulvae
    • for the prophylaxis and support of therapy in infant dermatitis and eczema of the anal and genital areas
    • For gentle body washes from head to foot
    • For showering, partial baths and full baths
    • For hand washing with surgical and hygienic hand disinfection