Ensure Gold Chocolate 400g

RM40.95 MYR RM42.25 MYR

A complete and balanced nutrition provides the body with all essential vitamins and minerals required for wellness and an active lifestyle.Backed by nutrition science research,Ensure® is scientifically desjgned to provide complete and balaned nutrition to build your nutrition foundation for strength and vitality. ENSURE GOLD: -PROTEIN -VITAMINS & MINERALS -OMEGA - 3 6 SCOOPS FOR 6 BENIFITS: -COMPLETE NUTRITION - 28 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & MINERALS -BALANCED PROPORTIONS OF CARBOHYDRATE,PROTEIN & FAT -CALCIUM & VITAMIN D TO SUPPORT STRONG BONES -OMEGA -3 & OMEGA - 6 AND LOW CHOLESTEROL -PREBIOTIC FOS -SUITABLE FOR LACTOSE INTOLERANCE & GLUTEN FREE