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Emtrix has been developed by dermatologists in Sweden and is based on 15 years of targeted research.

The product is based on a unique patented composition and is supported by several clinical studies with good results.

Clinically proven efficacy
Effective on fungal nails
Rapid visible improvement
Easy to use

Emtrix has a keratolytic effect, which can be likened to a gentle peeling. By softening up and carefully loosening the damaged layer of the nail, Emtrix gives a smoother nail surface, discolouration is reduced and the nail?????s appearance is improved.

A common cause of the nail being unsightly/deformed and discoloured is that it is too dry. A dry nail breaks and flakes and often has a yellowish colour. Emtrix adds and binds moisture in the nail, whereby the moisture balance is restored. This affects the nail?????s condition and gives your nails a healthier appearance.

Emtrix and nail fungus
Emtrix changes the nail?????s microenvironment so that the nail fungus no longer can thrive. Emtrix has an unspecific physical mode of action on fungi which results in the degradation of the fungal cells. In this way, the fungal infection is counteracted.