Dreams (Day 10 pads)

RM12.90 MYR

Absorbent polymer core locks in fluid and moisture instantly,even during heavy flow.

Dreams, is a registered trademark in the UK, We are positioned to ensure safe and high-quality material in our products that meet Dreams exacting standards.
Eliminate Bacteria
Bacteria can cause rashes, itchiness, certain menstrual discomfort and even urinary tract infection.
Negative - ion and far-infrared strip in Dreams releases up to 6070 negative ions to eradicate bacteria growth, naturally.
Eliminate Odour
Bacteria growth is a source of menstrual adour. By eradicating the bacteria growth with negative ions, Dreams effectively eliminates odour.
Some sanitary pads use fragrance to mask the odour. Such scented feminine product is not recommended by the medical fraternity.
Safe & High Quality Material
Dreams uses safe and high-quality material and premium soft cotton.
No risk of harmful recycled material and bleaching chemicals, as used by some sanitary pads.
Fresh & Breathable
With its breathable bottom layer, Dreams removes any damp sensation, ensuring all-day fresh and cool feeling.
Comfortable & Dry
Dreams locks in fluid and moisture instantly, even during heavy flow.
Slim & Discreet
Dreams uses ultra slim absorbent sheet, ensuring extra protection from any back leakage, freeing you up to pursue an active lifestyle.