Doclab 5x2ml

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DocLab Hyaluronic Acid Premium Face Ampoule, formulated in South Korea, is now available in Malaysia and it's one of the best ampoules that you can find! They are also certified by the Malaysia Ministry of Health. All ampoules are made with natural ingredients, which are alcohol, paraben and silicone-free.

Why do we prefer HA instead of collagen?Which is more known to boost your skin's youth?Actually, Hyaluronic Acid keeps collagen synthesis up and contributes to the anti-aging benefits of the skin. Unlike collagen, HA can penetrate the upper layer to the dermis of the skin, thus boosting elasticity, suppleness and hydration

Ampoules are typically airtight glass containers that are filled with concentrated, highly active ingredients. They usually contain botanical extracts, vitamins and enzymes in various combinations. The ingredients will not cause any side effects unless you are allergic to certain skincare products. Ampoules are designed to address every skin concern and deficiency - the most common ones are skin dullness, dryness, irritation, hyper-pigmentation and aging. Because they are stored in airtight packaging, no preservatives or chemicals are added which means that once opened, it is advised to finish the bottle of ampoule within a day to keep it fresh. Store all ampoules away from heat and sunlight! 

Some benefits and ingredients of using face ampoule:
- Boosts skin moisture and hydration with Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
- Restore skin suppleness and elasticity with collagen
- Retexturise and regulates skin, smoothen fine lines and reduce wrinkles with ginseng extract
- Provides natural antioxidant and skin protection with Vitamin E
- Powerful skin whitening and lightening with arbutin
- Skin soothing & refining with witch hazel extract and aloe vera leaf extract
- Makeup lasts longer
- Controls sebum and makes the face look less oily
- Tighten pores
- Repairs & strengthen weak skin tissue to make it look more radiant