Dermal Therapy Very Dry Skin Lotion (Hydrates dry and cracked skin) 500ml

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Dermal Therapy Very Dry Skin Lotion contains 10% Urea and 1% Dimethicone in a synergistic blend of emollients and skin conditioning agents. Very Dry Skin Lotion provides optimum hydration and protection for your skin. It is suitable for use on very dry and itchy skin such as Winter Itch, Ichthyosis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis or other dermatological conditions. It is a non-greasy formula which is suitable to use of the whole body. A light pumpable lotion, it’s suitable to use as a maintenance product after using Dermal Therapy Very Dry Skin Cream. Dermal Therapy Very Dry Skin Lotion is suitable for the whole family as an everyday body lotion.

* Clinically tested formula leaving skin hydrated for 24 hours after 1 application
* Concentrated moisturising base to provide optimum hydration for the whole body
* Suitable for use by those with skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
* 24 Hour Moisture Lock
* Non greasy, quick absorbing formula


* Provides relief from very dry and scaly skin conditions including winter itch and Ichthyosis.
* Suitable for use by those with very itchy skin such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis or other dermatological conditions
* Provides optimum hydration for the whole body
* Helpful for anyone suffering from dry skin which may be caused by factors such as the environment; dry air, medicinal side-effects and medical conditions


* Urea to promote keratolytic action to break down the hard skin to allow moisturising agents to penetrate through. Urea acts as a humectant to draw moisture in
* Dimethicone in Very Dry Skin Lotion enhances moisture retention by acting as a protective barrier. It also helps protect skin from irritants and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated

Conditions - Dehydrated Skin

Most people will experience dry and dehydrated skin at some point in their life. Dehydrated skin is characterised by:

* Flaky, scaly skin
* Dull in appearance & dry to touch
* Visible fine lines & wrinkles

Dehydrated skin can be caused by:

* Using detergents & other chemical products
* Harsh environment
* Genetic dry skin
* Side effect of some medications
* Lack of care & attention