Dermafal Placenta Serum Complex with Vitamin A,C &E 2x60's

RM243.00 MYR RM270.00 MYR

  • Fortified with Vitamin C, this superb formula contains restorative as well as regenerative capabilities for dull skin & revitalizes skin elasticity offering you a brighter and more youthful complexion.
  • When use daily it helps your skin to be fairer.
  • Brighten dull skin
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Regenerate dermal tissues to counter the appearance of aging
  • Ultimate treatment for younger, fairer and healthier looking skin
  • Vitamin C is known to limit the damaging effect of free radical through its antioxidant activity.
  • It is essential for the biosynthesis of collagen, a crucial component for keeping skin healthy.
  • Vitamin C with its regenerative properties plays a vital role in reducing the effect of scaring.