Dermafal Organics Micro Exfoliator

RM98.75 MYR RM104.60 MYR

Dermafal™ Organics takes a revolutionary approach with newly discovered formulation offering a healthy way to protect and repair skin DNA by generating healthy cells and slowing down the biological clock.
Dermafal™ Organics DNA Repair harnesses the potency of plant-derived meristem cells to rejuvenate the skin against signs of aging.
It is excellent for dull complexion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and sensitive skin. It helps brighten skin, gives a radiant glow leaving it smoother 
and firmer.
  • Gentle removes dead skin immediately
  • excellent exfoliator and detoxier
  • makes wrinkles less apparent
  • increase cell turnover rate for better skin protection
  • suitable for all skin types