Dermafal Organics Antioxidant Mist 100ml

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Alcohol free formula that removes excess residue. Balances up the skin pH after cleansing so it is not overstripped. Enriched with potent anti-oxidant e.g Oarweed, Picao Preto extract, Billberry extract, Hydrolyzed Algin and Tocopheral that works as free-radical scavengers to protect cell DNA. Ideal for all skin types. NEW ANTI-AGING CONCEPT Dermafal Organics Skincare takes a revolutionary approach with newly discovered formulation offering a healthy way to protect and repair skin DNA by generating healthy cells and slow down the biological clock.Dermafal Organics Skincare harnesses the potency of plant-derived stem cells to rejuvenate the skin against signs of aging. It is excellent for dull complexion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and sensitive skin. It helps brighten skin, gives a radiant glow leaving it smoother and firmer DERMAFAL ORGANICS Skincare consist 4 types of Meristem Cell Culture to protect, repair cell DNA and generate healthy skin tissues.Fortified with Physterols, Amino Acids, and Polysaccharides to protect and repair cell DNA for youthful energetic skin, it is also formulated with multi fruit blends as a natural exfoliator to stimulate cell renewal cycle and acts as a potent anti-aging agent.With its high biological activities, the specific substances from the meristem cells effectively protect skin cell longevity and combat chronological aging while delaying senescence of skin cells (cell death) to preserve youthfulness.

  • Slows down premature aging (delay cell death)
  • Promotes new cells production & protection of existing cells for healthy skin
  • Stimulate dermal stem cell turnover, which is responsible for Collagen & Elastin production