Creobic Cream 20g

RM23.40 MYR RM29.00 MYR

Are you suffering from unbearable and embarrassing ringworm or fungal infections? Do you wish to get rid of your ringworm sufferings for good and live your life to the fullest? Creobic Cream employs a triple action treatment to cure ringworm and all fungal infections completely in as little as 7 days. Unlike any other medications, Creobic soothes the infected area, kills the fungus on the skin surface and also eliminates the fungus in the deeper layer of your skin. This ensures that the fungus is 100% removed and the infection does not recur! With Creobic, you can say goodbye to ringworm and fungal infections for life! Indications Topical treatment of tinea corporis, cruris, manuum, pedis, versicolor, barbae.